Mattia Polibio Profile – Phone Number, House Address, Email

Want to talk TikTok and famous internet celebrity Mattia Polibio on phone using his real telephone number or if you looking for email and house address? Yes, you are at right place! You are going to have contact information of Mattia Polibio which is inclusive of phone number, email address and his recent house address details.

Mattia Polibio - Number, Email, Address
Mattia Polibio Contact Details

NAME: Mattia Polibio
BORN: May 16 2003 (16 years old)
COUNTRY: United States
HEIGHT: 5’10” feet
INSTAGRAM: @mattiapolibio
TWITTER: @mattiapolibio
TikTok: @mattiapolibio

Who is Mattia Polibio?

Mattia Polibio is a 16 years old popular social media star, singer and TikTok actor from United States. He born on May 16, 2003 in New Jersey. He started appearing online in early 2018, however a video created with friend under title “we’re 100% straight don’t get it twisted” given him a viral trend by which he was able to gain subscribers. In his first video, Mattia could be seen sharing a common lolipop with his male friend. Later, he cleared that it was a stunt and both are straight. Moreover, he created his Instagram, YouTube Channel and Twitter account to grow more audience online. Polibio is expert in creating reaction videos. Recently he given reaction to Stranger things cast in his video, He targeted Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp for giving reaction.

Mattia Polibio is now a well known internet personality with massive following, He is from Totowa, New Jersey living together with family. His father is Italian where mother is Mexican. That’s why he know number of languages including Mexican and Italian. In siblings, he has younger brother named Gianluca. There are number of authentic news that he started sating a tiktok girl recently in start of 2020. However, he starts dating his girlfriend Cynthia Parker. Cynthia Parker is a popular tiktok star and ex-girlfriend of Chase Hudson (Lilhuddy).

Social Media Appearance

Mattia Polibio gained million of followers over various social media accounts. People follow him for his amazing dancing, lip syncing and acting skills. Most of followers want to contact Mattia via phone and email. Mattia Polibio has 2 million followers at Instagram, 1M subscribers at YouTube and 6 million at TikTok account. He reaches half billion likes at TikTok.

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Best methods are enlisted here to contact him. These are most appropriate methods including phone number, email, address, social media and more.

Best Methods to Contact Mattia Polibio

It is easier to contact him with given contact methods as described below. We have collected verified contact data of Polibio as given below.

TikTok @mattiapolibio

Add him on TikTok by creating your own account. You can send and receive message via this lip syncing app. Along side messaging you will get Mattia Polibio latest videos as well.

Polibio’s Instagram @mattiapolibio

Instagram application is a best way to send Mattia Polibio a direct message. This social media allows sending message even without adding him. Right now, he have 2 million Instagram family.

YouTube @Mattia P Channel

Known for updating his YouTube channel with wonderful videos including interviews, fun and songs. You can participate in Mattia Polibio live sessions to make a contact.

Twitter @mattiapolibio

Just take his twitter id and use @ along with Mattia Polibio id to tag him in tweet. Tagging Mattia Polibio id will let you message pass directly via twitter.

Mattia Polibio’s Phone Number, House Address, Email @

Here comes the most perfect methods to contact Mattia Polibio i.e phone number, cell number, email address as well as house address. So, Mattia Polibio number is American and you need to add +1 code for dialing outside state. Whereas, his emailing id is:

  • Email:
  • House address is: Mattia Polibio, Totowa, New Jersey, United States.
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